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Life Purpose Project

This unique eight-week course is run in two formats: email and face to face. The email format is conducted entirely by email and is perfect for those with tight schedules and time constraints. The face to face version is offered for those who prefer learning in a group workshop environment.

Each week you respond to an important lesson and Nessie personally guides you through the process of deepening your understanding of meaning and life purpose and actually living your life purposes.

The Life Purpose Project is based on the ground-breaking research of Dr Eric Maisel and his book 'Life Purpose Boot Camp'. Nessie has studied with Dr Maisel and is excited to be bringing this program to Australia for the first time. You will receive a kindle copy of the book Life Purpose Boot Camp on enrolment. The cost is included in the enrolment fee. We will be working from the text throughout the eight weeks. If you prefer a hard copy of the text that can be posted to you.

   seeking meaning
      making meaning"

You need to be aware that this course, while being very time-effective provokes new ways of thinking about your life which can result in significant change. This course is a game-changer: you can stop seeking meaning and start making meaning.

The Life Purpose Discovery Course will:

  • Help you understand the nature of meaning, identify your meaning opportunities and your meaning investments, and embrace value-based meaning-making.
  • Provide you with the opportunity to design your life purpose statement and your personal logo and brand.
  • Guide you to live your life purposes on a daily basis and to keep your life purposes alive and present even when life is busy and circumstances trying.

Life Purpose Project can help you if:

  • You regularly feel unfulfilled – and don’t know where to turn to get fulfilled
  • Meaning has often proven a challenge for you
  • You know that you have important work to do and important values to uphold but somehow life always seems to get in the way
  • You spend a lot of time sad or anxious, caught up in a cycle of negative thinking, or involved in mind-numbing compulsive activities
  • You know that you have changes to make but you don’t know where to start
  • You want to feel more passionate about life and more powerful in your approach to life
  • You have an intellectual curiosity about meaning and life purpose
  • You want to finally know for yourself what your life purposes are

If you’re ready to take the next step in your life purpose journey, enrol in a Life Purpose Project class today.


WEEK 1. Daily Meaning Check-in
WEEK 2: Creating Your Meaning Mix
WEEK 3: Upskilling Your Personality
WEEK 4: Dealing With Your Circumstances
WEEK 5: Naming Your Life Purposes
WEEK 6: Creating Your Life Purpose Statement
WEEK 7: Designing Your Personal Logo and Brand
WEEK 8: Strategic Planning and Living Your Life Purposes


Monday 2nd May 2016
Cost: $219 (incl GST)


Start anytime
Cost: $219 (incl GST)


Wednesday 7th June 2016
Venue: Sydney city location to be advised
Cost: $300 (incl GST)


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Nessie Shaw